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Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 2

em Qua Dez 21, 2016 1:40 pm
Prepar3D v3.4 Hotfix 2
Fixes and Improvements
Added notifications for when a graphics card driver crashes. Can be disabled by setting ShowDeviceLostWarning = 0 under the Graphics section in the Prepar3D.cfg.
Correctly applying cloud’s bank to better orient the clouds.
Fixed bug where closed panels would reopen when toggling mipmap settings.
Entities will now report DAMAGED_DESTROYED when health points reach zero or when they are in a crash state when connected in a DIS session.
Added additional checks when getting control maps to ensure they are properly read.
Corrected a crash when attempting a VarGet on “AI TRAFFIC FROMAIRPORT” and “AI TRAFFIC TOAIRPORT” when the requested AI did not have a valid departure/destination airport defined.
Fixed issues with wide-view aspect ratios clipping out the terrain on 4k resolutions.
Disabled cloud pancaking on extrusion bridges to reduce cloud artifacts.
Skipping Scenario Startup screen when launching directly into SimOperator using command lines.
Corrected LanOperatorname being incorrectly saved out as LanUsername for SimOperator.
Prevented multichannel slaves from incorrectly broadcasting GPS flight plan data.
Fixed an issue when a scenario could not be deleted through the Scenario Select screen due to its filename containing periods.
Fixed application hang on shutdown if more than one PDK event was registered.
Fixed a SimDirector crash when setting a scenario’s camera object’s pitch to 90 degrees.
Fixed a SimDirector issue that would cause Area Definition objects to move exaggerated distances when attached.
Fixed a SimDirector crash when attempting to use an ActivateWaypointsActions when an object did not have an AIType assigned. This will now be reported in ContentErrorLogging.
Aggressively purging of scenery regions to prevent running out of memory at high slew speeds
Added additional Content Error Reports for missing textures and effects
Serializing AI Behavior activated states and activated start times to ensure they properly load/save with scenarios
Support for Virtual Cockpit textures above 1024 resolution (MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION in Prepar3D.cfg)
Fixed collision detection for CylinderPathArea if the cylinder’s radius was significantly greater than its length
Made numerical formatting for billboard menus match the appropriate key stroke
Fixed an issue where the 10th item of the MenuWindow would incorrectly shift items up as if it were the “Next” button although it was actually the last item in the list
Fixed a hard crash during shutdown caused by the order in which windows were being deleted
Fixed a hard crash related to key events via SimConnect being called before the SimConnect dialog was opened
Fixed a GDI memory leak with static elements when resizing panels
Fixed an issue where the multiplayer host would incorrectly rebroadcast avatar attach/detach notifications
Fixed an issue with the About screen where the toggle link would be out of sync with the displayed page
Fixed an issue where particle effects would not respect emitter offsets in certain cases
Thanks again for your support and we will see you all in 2017 with some major news!

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